He clearly wasn't looking for a blade 2, or a close shave... or indeed looking for answers from the great beyond.

The reason why Stipe was in a barbershop will become clear when you hear that the establishment in question is "barbershop / gig venue" Abner Browns in Rathmines - because blades, scissors and bopping up and down to cracking tunes is bound to lead to a good time/great hair cuts every time. Ah, only joking; they turn the barbershop into a gig venue at the weekend when all the cutting implements are tucked away.

For those bamboozled by the beards and thick rimmed glasses, that's Michael in the sky blue beanie on the left there.

We were unsure as to why Stipe was sloping around Dublin at large with his very fetching man clutch, but thankfully Anton Savage has just spoken to one of the barbers from the shop/venue, Peter. Seemingly one of Peter's customers is friends with Stipe (he's godfather to his child) and he brought him along last night, just cos.

Despite his demeanour in the above photo, Peter insists he is a "lovely, lovely man."