People say that one of the best thing about parenting is watching your kids grow up and work towards achieving their dreams. 

That's all nonsense though isn't it? The best part about parenting is competing against others to prove that your kid is better than theirs. 

Dads have found a new way of competing against each other with their kids on Instagram with probably the silliest and most random challenge yet - seeing how many cheerios they can balance on their babies' heads. 

Patrick Quinn, AKA Life of Dad, started the challenge and has been inundated with entries on social media ever since. 


"#cheerioschallenge! 18 high. It's harder than it looks." #Life0fDad user, Rod Nunez - Northglenn, CO

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"Could only manage the 3. #CheerioChallenge" - #LifeofDad user, Vien Lam

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