SQUIDGE! For those who don't watch Corrie, that's Catherine in the middle, there. And below is a snap of  her extremely adorable 2-week-old baby boy, Alfie (not to be confused with Alfie Moon off rival soap EastEnders), captioned: "So proud of our Alfie :-) our first family shoot out today in @okmagazine :-) #littlepickle"

Catherine, who plays Eva on the soap (she's gone to visit her gran Gloria in France according to the intricate soap plot lines), announced her pregnancy back in August  At the time, she said: "It's like everything has gone fast forward, but it's not remotely scary. If you'd told me that before my next birthday I was going to meet someone as amazing as Tom (Pitfield, he's a fitness instructor), the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. That we were going to be planning for our first baby, I would not have believed you in a million years... it's crazy. People say that when you meet the right man you know. But I never ever believed that. I thought, 'No, you need to get to know someone.' But after three months of being with Tom I knew he was absolutely The One. And it’s the most amazing feeling"

Not quite as amazing as the feeling of having a baby after a 38-hour-labour (that's how long Catherine was reportedly in labour for) but it's up there all right.