It's not every day a seven-foot walking carpet marches into a school in Kerry, but here we are.

As we've reported, the production of Star Wars: Episode VIII has moved down to the Dingle Peninsula where Ceann Sibeal is doubling for Ahch-To, the secretive planet where Luke Skywalker's been hiding out since Return of the Jedi. We know Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and Mark Hamill are all in the country at the moment for filming, but one other character is obviously doing the rounds.

Namely, Chewbacca - the trusted co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and, arguably, the heart and soul of Star Wars.

The actor behind Chewie - Peter Mayhew - made an appearance at a primary school down in Ballyferriter where he posed for pictures with young students.

At least we think it's Peter Mayhew. He's wearing the suit so we can't tell, obviously.

We're good, but we're not THAT good.


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