No idea who yer man is, but I know that look. That's the "Hey, lady, we're just trying to have some lunch here, can you not control your child?" look if ever there was one.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Beyonce and Jay Z were dining at the Beach Tree Bar and Lounge, while holidaying in Kona, Hawaii, when they approached by a 9-year-old girl. Her father, who swiftly took a photo while her daughter was asking advice, said: "At first, she had a little hyperventilation... But then she walked over and told her she was singing solo in a talent show next week."

Seemingly, by way of advice, Beyonce told her to "stay focused and not be nervous", while Jay Z high fived the girl before saying "he thought she would do great." Of the experience, proud dad James Brennan added: "It's the highlight of her vacation, for sure. They were just very cool and super genuine."

Unlike the super-unimpressed dude in the blue sun visor there.

If Instagram is to be believed, Beyonce and Jay Z were in the midst of celebrating their 7 year wedding anniversary. Jay Z posted the below a few days ago.