To be perfectly honest, we’re not sure exactly what happened here.

In fact, according to Twitter, we're not the only ones who are confounded:




Maybe the guy was just f***ing around with the order system at McDonalds (you can see the golden arches at the top of one of the pictures, so we know the person ordered from there anyway) and wanted to see how many ingredients he could remove when ordering a cheeseburger.

Or maybe he just really wanted cheese, which is perfectly understandable.

In any case, this was the result of Twitter user MerchantYT’s very selective food order:






Not only is that probably the saddest looking slice of cheese we have ever seen – no care put into it as fictional character Spongebob Squarepants would do but just thrown into its box carelessly, even haphazardly – but according to MerchantYT, it still cost the full price of a cheeseburger at 99p.



Via Twitter