There may be what seems like an ocean of space between them, but their holding hands, and that's all that matters. And just look at how happy they both are...

Indeed this is the picture setting Twitter alight in the last few hours (or at least it's the one everyone seems to be using 'cause they're holding hands in it). The pair, who were rumoured to be "on a break", were spotted interlocking fingers in a very cold looking Malibu. The photo must be recent, however, given Garfield does look like he's been to hell and back in a handcart, which would be in keeping with the fact that he's currently shooting Silence in Taiwan.

According to E Online: "An eyewitness revealed the two stopped in Malibu Farm this week and seemed to be having a great time as they held hands inside the restaurant. But wait, it gets even better! Just a few days earlier, Entertainment Tonight cameras caught Stone greeting Garfield's parents with a hug and kiss at a screening of Aloha."

OK, so this is just an arbitrary picture of the pair holding hands? Either way, Garfield still looks like he's been to hell and back in a handcart. Now that's commitment to a role. He's playing a Jesuit priest, in case you were wondering.

And after Bradley Cooper went to the bother of penning Emma's Tinder profile for her and everything. The actress's Aloha co-star came across with this...

"Her] reptilian eyes take you into a kind place. Soft and lovely and full of grace..."


Via Vanity Fair