After a day of feasting and over indulgence nobody would be surprised to find their homestead to be in a state of disarray the morning after Christmas. 

However finding a sea creature making itself comfortable on the bonnet of your car is not to be expected. 

That was just the scenario faced by one Australian family this morning when they awoke to find a 400lb (200KG) seal sitting on the car parked in their driveway. The seal, who has since been dubbed "Mr Lou Seal" was first spotted in the middle of the road in the early hours of this morning before finding itself sprawled out on the car. 

"We got up and there was this great big seal on the roof of the car which is definitely not what you'd expect on Boxing Day," William Gregory, who was inside the home, told the ABC News.

"You kind of wake up and you wonder, is this really happening, am I really seeing this or am I still dreaming?"

Tasmania Police posted on Facebook about the incident in puntastic fashion. 

Mr. Lou Seal was eventually tranquilised and carried away from the scene.

Via Mashable