Is there anything worse than that sickening feeling of seeing that somebody scratched your parked car while you were away? 

OK, obviously there are but it's still a pretty bad feeling. If you're lucky though, the culprit will leave you a note with their details. Or else they might just leave the note like this one which will either evoke a lot of fury or else make you laugh so hard that you forget about the whole thing. 

Thomas Callow, a 20-year-old college student in Massachusetts was in superb form after he'd just aced an English exam. However his mood dampened a bit when he walked to his car and discovered that somebody had driven into the vehicle and scratched the bumper. The culprit did leave a note but it had neither contact or insurance details inside...

The note might be a little hard to read so here's the text in full:

'Yo I hit your car. I’m leaving this note cause someone’s watching … They’re still watching … Okay I’m good. My bad nigga. Peace.'

Could you imagine? 

As he says in the tweet, the note was too funny for Thomas to stay mad. 

“I thought the whole thing was awesome. Whoever wrote the note made a lot of people’s days.”

His tweet has been retweeted over 40,000 times since the incident occurred last week and has made actually made Thomas a hit with the ladies. 

“I have gotten over 50 girls’ phone numbers, so life is pretty good,” he said. 

Sounds like the guy did him a favour really. 

Via NYMag