A great grandmother from Brazil prays to St. Anthony every day using her figurine of the patron saint of lost things. 

However, it's recently been discovered by a relative that the figurine she's been praying to every day is not an effigy of the Portuguese priest but is in fact a toy figurine of a Lord of the Rings character. 

Gabriela Brandão took to Facebook with what she described as a "the funniest discovery of 2016"

“My daughter’s great-grandmother prays to this figure of Saint Anthony every day, but looking more closely…”,

As any self respecting Lord of the Rings fan will know, the "effigy" is in fact a figurine of the Elf Lord, Elrond, portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the movie trilogy. 

Brandão told Buzzfeed that initial attempts to show the woman her error were unsuccessful. 

“We tried to explain right away but she didn’t understand at first. The next day we explained again and she understood and we got her a new figure of Saint Anthony.”

To be honest, as idols go, she could do a lot worse than the Lord of Rivendell.