Firstly, between the posts about Jamie Dornan's stroke, and Ron Swanson's "hot musk" you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm feeling rather frisky this Friday. That couldn't be further from the truth given I'm out of my box on anti inflammatories after falling down the stairs holding the child, resulting in the head banging off the radiator and the foot crumbling under me after the stair gate failed to break my fall. Think Bruce Willis with more hair, in a shoddy dressing gown, crashing through a stair gate with a petrified toddler and you have an apt visual.

Anyway, point being, since the pain killers have taken hold I'll be posting more gibberish than usual for the next hour or so... here goes.

Remember when The Jonas Brothers looked like this...

Indeed we could've gone further back, but that would've been a bit creepy given what you're about to see... For Nick, that being the youngest one in the middle there, has spent the last two years in the gym and has (thankfully) ditched those trousers in favour of some latent manhood manhandling in the current issue of Flaunt magazine.

There's lots of photos of him wrestling awkwardly with his clothes, along the lines of this one where he's showing his GP a new mole...

... but instead of going through all those, we'll just cut straight to the front - featuring those ab muscles Pink is really proud off, the surprisingly and refreshingly hirsute crackage, and the crotch grab montage.


So, there you have it, Ladies and Gennelmen, Nick Jonas all grown up and in grabby form. HAPPY FRIDAY TO ONE AND ALL! Or at least to you three down the back there.