Lookit, you could spend an indeterminable amount of time peering at Nicole Kidman's chest area in a bid to make out if she's sporting underwear or not (the pink thing on the left is throwing us) - or you could just accept that she managed to look lovely as a sacrificial bride at last night's Country Music Awards.

If you have a pyre that needs sitting on, the dress is by Roberto Cavalli.

And there endeth the recognisable faces on last night's Country Music Awards red carpet... OK, there was Carrie Underwood rocking her baby bump, but that's about it.

What can we say, with the notable absence of Taylor Swift (she's now fully embracing the pop world, don't you know), all we're left with are a load of Connie's, Kacey's, Chip's, Trisha's, Garth's (we'll spare you), Dallas's, and Faith's all buried under a pile of blonde hair and stetsons.