That's just an assumption on our part. We're basing this entirely on the the photos from WENN and the fact that this time last year performing onstage while a load of semi-clad Victoria's Secret Angels swooshed past him was probably the last thing on Hozier's mind. It was probably relegated to the darker recesses of his 'Beyond wildest dreams/HAH?!' box in his brain. 

Slightly more up for interacting with the models was Taylor Swift. Although it does help that she's done this before, and Karlie Kloss is her bessie mate.

Ed Sheeran, meanwhile, in the absence of swaths of atmospheric hair to hide behind, chose to perform a fair portion of his slot with his eyes closed/cast downwards just to get through proceedings. In his defence, he did have to bang out a song while Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio busted out the highlight of the event - The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. A mere snip at $2million dollars each. 

To be honest, the whole scenario is just a bit bizarre... Duran Duran would've been really into this circa 1983, but everyone else just seems a bit lost.

Celebrity guests attending last night's scantie fest include Jose Mourinho (it's nice to see him in a suit again) with presumably the missus and his daughter; Amber Le Bon, Daisy Lowe, Millie McIntosh, Zara Martin, Tyson Beckford's shoes, Ellie Goulding, Eliza Doolittle, Liam Payne and his lady friend, Olivia Palermo looking stunning in a suit, and Jolie Richardson looking like she's about to straddle some kind of vehicle.