Another day, another pile of cinematic excellence makes it's debut at Leicester Square's Empire theatre. What was it yesterday then? The Jonas Brothers In 3D... Legions of squealers (approximately 700 *cowers*) turned up to see Joe, Kevin and Nick's rings in all their glory. Sadly, that's about all who turned up - the guest list was even pithier than Tuesday's Night at The Museum II premiere. Behold... two kids off EastEnders (Peter - get a haircut, Lauren - put a coat on, you'll catch yer death); Sinitta; someone called Emma Lee Jones, someone else called Jemma McKenzie Brown... and Bianca Gascoigne. And that is all.

It's not all bad though, it can only mean MORE pictures of the Jonas Brothers *claps hands* And, I have to say, I'd be more than a little in love with Joe if I were, ooooooh, half my age... Which is a bit telling considering he's a dead ringer for Vanessa Hudgens avec stubble, and gargantuan forehead fodder. Aren't his caterpillars plentiful in volume for one so impossibly pretty? Adrien Greiner should give him a shout to see how he pulls that one off. As for the other two, Nic's grand but the other one's just unfortunate. In saying that, however, one of Philip Schofield's daughters was on a wild-eyed mission to bag one - ANYone, it didn't matter.