As predicted (because it was predictable) last Friday, there was no hiding away for the Clooney Clan at his wedding to Amal over the weekend (the civil ceremony is due to take place today).

That's the beauty of getting hitched in Venice - there's nowhere to hide (unless you're the bride, a' course). The only mode of transport involves herding your entire wedding party into several speedboats before sailing majestically towards the luxurious Aman Canal Grande resort.

Among the guests were Bono (the only one not in a tux - rawk 'n roll), Ali Hewson, Emily Blunt, Bill Murray, Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford, and Anna Wintour. If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were there, we have no photographic evidence of their presence. Then again, it probably wasn't nearly covert enough for them.

For further deets regarding the wedding itself, make your way here - 'cause we're instead focusing on the more pressing issue of his Stag... It only involved the two bottles of tequila and a £250 bottle of red wine.

The 53-year-old actor dined with friends at pricey Da Ivo on Friday night (26.09.14), ahead of his marriage to his 36-year-old bride.

The restaurant's staff said George and his six guests drank two bottles of Casamigos, *ahems* his own-brand tequila (plug, plug, plug), before enjoying a third of a magnum of Sassicaia, a Tuscan red wine which is worth £250 a bottle.

George and his guests ate a dinner of stuffed courgette flowers, and pasta with truffles, before tucking into figs, crab and lobster.

The restaurant's chef Luciana Gambardella told The Independent on Sunday newspaper: "He's a wonderful person. And [what] moved me the most was how he made a point of going up to every person working in the restaurant to thank them after the meal."

Then he got stripped naked and tethered to a lamp post. It didn't happen, but in my imagination it did.