Dead man. Yes, she comes across as really cool and down to earth with her "big Nebraska man hands" on The Big Bang Theory, but imagine your new husband mashing cake into your face on your wedding day. Hilarious, but a bit of an inconvenience all the same. Make up wipe, anyone?

*Knock, knock knock* Penny tied the knot with tennis player Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Eve in southern California, and the pair made sure they saw in 2014 in style as a married couple by featuring a seven-layer chandelier cake, which was hanging from the ceiling, during the after-party of their nuptials. And, needless to say, there were giggles all around for their guests as the tennis player couldn't help but smother his new wife's face in cake, prompting her to have a laughing fit. Poor lamb got hysterical. Is it any wonder. Then again, she did have her hair tied up for that part... it's like they had it planned, or something....

The 28-year-old actress posted a photograph of the cake on Twitter today, where she also thanked the Butter End bakery for creating such a majestic piece of confectionery: "@thebutterend thank you for creating our chandelier cake! Literally Hanging from the ceiling. EPIC (sic)"

She also shared a snap of her and her new hubbie taking to the floor for their first dance, with the message "Thank you @VeraWangGang for creating my pink fairy princess gown :) it was a dream come true (sic)" Here's presuming she got a discount on both for her tweeting troubles.

The couple - who got engaged a whole three months ago (they've been together six months in total, what could go wrong?) - went all out on the celebrations as they hired fire-breathing entertainers and stilt-walkers to amuse their 150 guests during the fire and ice-themed bash. In hindsight, they could've dispensed with the theatrics and just slathered each other in cake. Or invited the bridesmaids to smother themselves in cake, and then fight to the death in a purpose built boxing ring. Just a suggestion.

Photos: Instagram