As ever, some were "striking" in a good way, others were "striking" in a "stop striking me repeatedly in the eyes, unless you help knock me unconscious " kind of way.

By the by, in case you're wondering who the lady on the far right is, and why she's made the header image, her name is K.Michelle and we'll address her get up shortly. Firstly, here's Jessie J, Tulisa, Myleene Klass, Ella Eyre, Melissa Steel, Mel B, two of the birds off Little Mix, Alexandra Burke, Eve (memba her?) and Nicole Scherzinger all looking "striking' (interpret that as you see fit) on the red carpet last night...

And then there was the full onslaught of K.Michelle's dress. Striking indeed... That'd knock you right out given half the chance.

Lookit, it's breaking out of the dress in a blind rage! QUICK, SAVE YOURSELVES!!!