Seriously, if you've still not gotten round to shearing your hair into a bob (why not?! We've only been banging on about it since JULY), now seriously is the time to do it. The preferred look is either the newly shorn blunt bob - as worn by actress Kate Mara and model Jourdan Dunn....

Or the more grown out, lob (long bob, seriously). No half measures. You have a choice of cutting it all off, or looking like you've had a bob for yonkers cause you're SO ahead of the game. Those proffering the long bob this season include Kerry Washington, Karlie Kloss and Alexa Chung. True, Alexa Chung has been sporting that hair for almost a decade, and it's finally stood to her.

If you can't face losing your long locks, perhaps you could part with a few inches to give yourself the tousled, wavy, long layered look, as championed by Georgia May Jagger at the recently passed Paris Fashion Week, and Keira Knightley at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10th.

Its rare that an actress will ditch the dazzling blonde locks in time for Autumn, but that's exactly what young Elle Fanning's gone and done... Here she is sporting a more natural look at the premiere of The Boxtrolls on September 21st.

Don't worry if you have bone straight blonde hair down to your thighs, you can always bring a bit of autumnal air to your hair with some leather accessories. Not like whips, or anything, more little tethers, or perhaps a leather adorned clip. Look, would we lead you astray? It's in Harper's Bazaar and everything.