This is not going to be a good day for Ryanair. Or should we say Anair...

Two of the budget airlines planes were involved in a collision early this morning at Dublin Airport, resulting in the loss of part of one plane's wing after the two 'clipped' each other while taxiing on the runway. The incident happened at around 7am and no passengers were harmed. The airline have since released a statement saying:

"The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail of the other," Ryanair said. "There was no impact on customers on board".

Ryanair passenger Emily Carroll was on one of the planes involved in the collision, and managed to snap some photos of 'the damage' as she calls it. Said damage reveals the loss of a significant part of one wing's tip, which does not make for comforting imagery for anyone with even the slightest fear of flying.

Passengers were said to have been disembarking planes on the runway after the incident, which took place around 7am this morning.

Operations at Dublin Airport are now said to have returned to normal with no further delays to flights.