Suck on your own squad goals Taylor, this is the celeb gang that we wanna hang out in.

In an unlikely but at the same time completely plausible when you think about it surprise this week, it turns out that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have become BFFs and spent a typically all-American girl day out on the water jet-skiing and playing around with inflatable beds and generally just having a great time.

Schumer shared two pictures of our new favourite celeb pairing on Twitter, captioning the first photo of the whole gang with 'Binders of women' (ever political is Schumer) and second one with her on the back of a speeding jet ski being driven by JLaw with the hashtag '#maniac', which is a word you could only use about a very good friend.

A. Sorry, is this an invite only thing? Because we want in. B. This came from nowhere but we're big fans. Imagine the craic you'd have on a night on the tear with these two. It actually make us giddy just thinking about it.