Irwin's daughter is making us feel old. 

Much like people had a meltdown when they saw what Eminem's daughter looked like after growing up out of the spotlight, people are now freaking out over Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi Irwin (and the aging process we guess) almost ten years since the death of her father.

Yup, that's Bindi Irwin. 16-years-old and messing with crocs.

 Bindi has been working in her family's zoo and all their reptiles and other animals since she was a kid, following in her parents footsteps and caring for all sorts of animals.

The Australian Zoo is dedicated to becoming the biggest and best wildlife conservation facility in the world, which was always Steve Irwin's dream. And Bindi is following through on her dad's dream.

In case you're wondering, this is what Bindi looked like last time we would have checked in with her just after her father died following an incident with a sting ray whilst filming an underwater documentary.

They grow up so fast.

Via Instagram/Metro