Curse you Sheeran, for crying wolf and having us all believe you. Or crying lion as the case may be.

A few weeks back, Ed Sheeran shared a photo of a brand new work-in-progress tattoo of a lion's head on his chest and it's safe to say the internet went nuts.

And not just the internet, Ed himself got very defensive about the tattoo and criticisms of it that were coming in at him on Twitter, going so far as to reply to one Tom Chaplin from Keane who was in disbelief at the new ink but quickly backed down when challenged by Sheeran.

Well all of that was for naught, as today Ed shared a photo of his bar chest with the caption 'Was only joking about the lion", making fools of us all in the process.

Now we're all for a prank every now and then, but this really just seemed like more of a waste of money and time on Ed's part than anything else. Maybe start taking a few lessons from George Clooney when it comes to your prank game Ed if you want to be king of the jungle (eeeeeeyyyyy).

Joke's on you though Ed, because now we're never going to believe anything you say ever again. Especially when you're warning us about a wild animal coming to kill us.

Via InStyle