Well Ed, we hope you're happy with your web of LIES.

Ed Sheeran has fooled us not once but twice now about the tattoo of a lion's head on his chest, and frankly we don't think this relationship is sustainable anymore. Sorry Ed, but it's over. You won us over with the Toy Show but now you're back on the enemies list along with Tony.

This was the sight that Sheeran shared yesterday, fooling everyone into thinking that the tattoo that caused such uproar was fake.

But know, the cover-up was fake, with Ed revealing the makeup job on his chest on Instagram, sharing the below photo with the caption: 'Only joking, covered it up for a TV show didn't I'.

We don't know what TV show in question Sheeran was on that required the cover-up (possibly Home & Away seeing as he's been spotted there recently, or it could be one of those undercover Saturday Night Takeaway things) but at this stage we're actually just sick of talking about the stupid thing.

Consider the book on Ed Sheeran's tattoos officially closed... until he gets another one.