Take a seat and grab a bib, you may drool over this.

One London hotel has joined the Creme Egg craze that's seen pop-up cafes, Creme Egg donuts, sandwiches and more and has thrown itself into the ring with a very tempting offer: a deep fired Creme Egg burger.

K West Hotel & Spa in Shepard's Bush tempted us all with their standard Creme Egg burger last year but this year is upping the ante by battering and deep frying the egg itself. We know, intense.

The 'burger', which is completely meat-free and comes in a set of sliders for £5.50 or as part of their 'Spring Rocks Afternoon Tea', is then stuffed into sweet brioche bread dipped in white chocolate and covered with raspberry crumble sprinkles along with some mascarpone and strawberry jam.

We don't know how they're going to go bigger next year, but we can't wait to find out.

Via Mashable