When it comes to sports outfits/jerseys, it's very hard to go wrong. Usually. But not today.

Below is the Colombian women's cycling team kit, which appeared on Twitter last week and got the world into a bit of frenzy over its, eh, unfortunate design. Surely someone should have copped onto this disaster in the design phase.

And just in case you thought that was just one bad photo, it wasn't. It really, really looks like that.

The costume has the backing and full approval the Colombian government’s ministry of sport and is sponsored by the city of Bogotan and was first seen during the Giro Toscana in Italy. If the team were hoping it would distract their competitors or give them some advantage 'Stupid Sexy Flanders'-style, it didn't, as they finished 19th overall.

And just for balance, it turns out that men's cycling costumes aren't that much better. Cycling is a sport of equal opportunity when it comes to heinous outfits. Yay equality!