Now not a single magical hair on his head. Harry Potter is officially no more.

Daniel Radcliffe has gotten a brand new look to go with his role in 'Imperium', in which he plays an FBI agent who goes undercover as a neo-Nazi to stop white supremacists from making a dirty bomb. Worlds away from Hogwarts and the rom-com fare we've seen from him so far.

We hope you're sitting down for this.

Radcliffe shared the photo on his Google+ account (ew) yesterday, along with some info about the role, saying: "Here's the first look of me as FBI agent Nate Foster in IMPERIUM. We began filming the movie this week. I'm very excited about it and will tell you more about it soon!"

We've yet to see how Radcliffe will cope with his chrome dome outside of the film. Will he get really into hats? Is he a baseball cap or beanie guy? But the biggest question we have is: why the hell is Daniel Radcliffe using Google+?

Via Mashable