Next time Amy Schumer's in Ireland, it may be worth your while serving her her drinks, whether you work in whatever watering hole she's in or not.

Schumer and some of her pals, including new BF Ben Hanisch, spent a classy night out at the theatre over the weekend in New York, taking in the smash hit success 'Hamilton' on Broadway. And it appears she wanted to show how much she enjoyed the show via the bar tip she left for the staff afterwards.



And then @amyschumer comes into your work and does something amazing #hamilton #amyschumer

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Yes, having spent a mere $77 on drinks at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, Schumer then threw down a whopping $1000 tip on top of it. We're guessing they kept the bar open later for her or she was just feeling super flashy and is probably going to regret it once her bank statements come in.

Bar staff member Madeleine DeJohn, who split the tip with six other co-workers, told The New York Daily News: "I was very touched, it was just something so generous and so kind that you don't see every day."

It seems like she enjoyed the show with all the posts she made to Instagram afterwards. We're guessing all that 'Trainwreck' money is pretty sweet.


Abhhhhhh #hamilton #bunk

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Our name is Alexander Hamilton

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