John Erik Wagner is proud of his country and a little something else, and he wants all of Denmark to know about it.

Running as an independent for prime minister in the Scandinavian country, the 52-year-old from Copenhagen district of Amager is no stranger to campaigns, having run for parliamentary, local and regional elections since 2005.

Apparently the cowboy getup is a trademark of his, but he's taken it to a whole new level with his new campaign poster which is certainly eye-catching.

And he's definitely caught the attention of the locals, who've been reacting to his display in the most nonchalant way. We suppose if someone's been trying to get into politics with antics like this for 10 years, you just get numb to it at some point.

According to the Danish site The Local, Wagner has 'no chance of winning'. And in case you were curious, here's what his alternate poster looks like.

To be honest, we find that one just as creepy.

The Danes go to the polls on June 18th, so Copenhagen residents will have to put up with Wagner's display until then.

Via The Local