One of TV and video games best-known voices, but seldom-seen faces, has lent his talent for a recent video that seriously impresses.

Phil LaMarr, who has voiced characters in countless TV shows and video games, has tried his hand at improvising the voices of 12 random cartoon characters he has never seen before, and with great success.

But you would only expect the best from the man who has voiced the likes of Hermes from 'Futurama', Samurai Jack, the Green Lantern from 'Justice League', Kotal Khan in 'Mortal Kombat X', and even Vamp from the 'Metal Gear Solid' game series.

Lending his talents, Phil LaMarr breathes new life into these one-dimensional characters and even offers up two different types of voices that they might have. Each one is completely different from the next, and it becomes clear quite quickly why his back catalogue is so immense.

Vanity Fair recruited the voice actor for their most recent YouTube video, and here is the full video for you below. It's time to stick your headphones on and take a 10-minute break from this blustery Tuesday.