"Pick-up artist" Julien Blanc has sparked controversy in Ireland after it was announced he's to give a seminar in 2015.

The self-styled "International Leader in Dating Advice" has come under scrutiny after a YouTube video showed him aggressively forcing Japanese women into his crotch and discussing pick-up techniques in a seminar in Tokyo.

Blanc has already been denied an entry visa in the UK and now a petition to stop him reaching Ireland has gained traction.

Already, 11,482 signatures have been collected with a target set for 15,000.

Blanc is due to give a seminar over two days in June in Dublin and is reportedly charing a whopping $2,000 for entry.

Blanc claims his advice is about gaining confidence with women, however many groups and organisations claim Blanc's seminars legitimise abusive tactics in relationships.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has declined to comment on the issue of Blanc's visa, however Ireland shares a Common Travel Area with the United Kingdom.

Their refusal to grant Blanc a visa may put his entry into the country in jeopardy.