Seemingly Andre was ruffled enough by insinuations on yesterday's GMTV that he wasn't faithful to take legal action against Jordan. Funny, I thought her comments alluding to him only doing "fatherly stuff" in front of the media were more insulting... Either way, suing each other will help the kids no end.

Jordan, who found out mid photo-shoot for her book (the name of which I've mentioned one time too many already), had said this in the interview with Ben Shepard:

Ben: "Pete was faithful, though?"
Media Harpie: "Anyway, next question."
Ben: "Was Pete not faithful?"
Media Harpie: "I don't know, was he? I never said anything."
Ben: "Goodness me, but in terms of..."
Media Harpie: "But as far as I... Well, you know, when you split up with someone you hear things, so who knows what's true what's not? But as far as I know, I think he was faithful."
Ben: "Well, I'm sure he's.. well, he definitely says he's been faithful."

And that's why he's suing the pants off her to prove a point. Perhaps the laddie protests too much.

Cling on to the edge of your seats for the next installment, which will involve Pete attempting to abscond to Australia with all three children.