Hot off the presses! Peter Andre has just won a court case in which he brought The Sunday People in front of a judge, over a story that they printed in May. The paper claimed that he had made some "inappropriate sexual advances" to a Katie Price lookalike. We don't know what kind of settlement was made, but my guess is a nice cheque with a big figure.

Outside the court this morning, Pete (of course) talked to the press and had the following to say: "I have never been unfaithful to my wife, not with this girl or any other girl." For anyone else who wishes to take a pop at the singer he had one clear message - don't. Unless you want to be brought to court for slander *quivers in size 4s*

As for his soon-to-be ex-wife, she was seen in a bridal shop trying on some dresses prompting rumours that she is to marry her new boyfriend, Alex Reid.  He was not in the shop at the time, as he was probably hiding under a rock after reports came through that he was arrested in 2003 over a drugs bust *cue COPS theme tune. After his gym was raided, an estimated £2 million worth of ecstasy and cocaine were found and the Po Po thought it belonged to Reid. However, it turned out to be the property of the then gym owner. Phew, god forbid Katie would get involved with a loud, outrageous, off the wall crazy man.

-Alicia Coyle