And by mysterious we mean normal human being, as opposed to his previous partner. Emily MacDonagh is very much not Katie Price. Thank jaysis.

The 40-year-old reality TV star and his medical student partner Emily are thrilled by the news and friends expect them to marry before the baby is born early in 2014. A source told The Sun: 'Peter and Emily are over the moon. They absolutely adore each other, so having a baby together feels completely natural. They have only been together for a year, but they were friends for a long time before that. As far as they are concerned they are going to spend the rest of their lives together and will definitely get married in the next year or so.'

Peter met 23-year-old Emily when her father, a surgeon, operated on him in 2010 to remove kidney stones and they became friends. 'Emily has just finished her degree at Bristol University and has passed all her exams. She still wants to have a career as a doctor, so it is very unlikely she will be a stay at home mum.' Which is perfect for Andre really when you think about it.

Peter already has two children; son Junior, eight, and daughter Princess Tiaamii, six, from his marriage to Katie Price. Coincidentally, Katie is also pregnant by her current husband, Kieran Hayler, and due to give birth in the next few months. Peter recently said he believes his relationship with Emily works so well because she's not a celebrity.

He explained: 'It's good to be with someone outside of the industry. It's so nice to be with someone who's just different. You know when they say that opposites attract? I never understood what that meant. But now I know it doesn't mean looks, it could mean in a situation like this. We're so opposite in what we do but yet we connect.'

We have a feeling this will be good for him, good for his flava.