Let's take a break from the litany of smut we've been throwing at you this Friday morning, shall we?

First up, If you want the name of Peter Andre's recent baby to remain a surprise, and a lot of you will - what with you being MASSIVE Peter Andre fans (don't lie) - best just tune in to Wossy (Saturday nights, ITV, 9:30pm)

If you'd prefer to live dangerously, grabbing life by the balls 's what not, the following is a transcript (via hellomagazine.com) of what Peter says about his baby daughter's potential names. She's almost a month old, incidentally.

"We have four names. Maybe you can help me out actually... We had Rose. I love Rose because it’s English and beautiful. Ameila, beautiful name. Elizabeth. Alexandra. So these are the four names that we've been throwing around. I love them because they are English and they are beautiful... he baby came three weeks early. Then we looked at each other and I said, 'We haven't got a name,' so we started calling her Rose, but she wasn’t a Rose. It didn’t click. So then we went backwards and forwards. Then three days ago she (Emily) throws another spanner in the works and says, 'What about Poppy?' Poppy is a nice name. Then she threw in Isabella and I thought that's a nice name. So we're sort of in a bit of a pickle here. I've had two children, biological children, and this is her (Emily's) first, so I want her to be happy," Peter said. "My favourite is Ameila. I love that name but I want her to be happy. I love that name."

Amelia it is, then. We had the same bother trying to name Lara, but we ruled out anything over two syllables because we want her to be able to say her own name before she's 4.

The interview also sees Peter talk about marrying fiancee, Emily: "I want to get married eventually, but I'm in no rush. What I wanted was the engagement. It's so important for me. She's got to finish her degree at the end of this year, then she'll be a fully qualified doctor. Let her do her F1, then we'll get married and then we'll have another baby. I want to do a traditional English wedding, to the finest detail... Then I want to go to Cyprus and we want to smash plates."