Yesterday's Rumours mentioned the death of 27-year-old heiress, Robin Whitehead, a previous girlfriend of Pete Doherty who was making a documentary about "the drug-addled circle surrounding former Libertines member".

Robin was found by Doherty's best mate, Peter 'Wolfman' Wolfe, in a East London flat owned by one of Doherty's "super fans".

Talking to The Sun, Wolfe said: "We were drinking lovely Twinings teas (I'm sure they'll be grateful for the endorsement). She had not done drugs that night." Red-eyed and barely coherent, Wolfe went on: "She did not have a drugs problem. I would be surprised if it was not prescription drugs... On Saturday we were up late. We just fell asleep. She had her own room and bed made up. I suppose I went to give her coffee about four in the afternoon. She was not responding and I tried to wake her up. I thought maybe she needed to sleep on. I let her sleep and sometime later, there she was - that's when I called the ambulance. She looked very peaceful. It's f****** distressing. I loved her a lot, she was so beautiful, so full of life. I'm devastated and Pete is absolutely devastated."

Another source speaking with the paper said: "Peter had been at the flat on Saturday night and left a lot of drugs behind rather than take them with him, because he's such an easy target for the police to search. Robin had been using heroin and crack cocaine. She also took some Valium to get to sleep and never woke up."

The mother of Mark Blanco, the man who "plunged to his death" off a balcony during a Christmas party Pete was at three years ago, said "his death and Ms Whitehead's had 'a common denominator in the name of Doherty... it's his influence - it's the Pied Piper quality he has'."

Is that a fair statement? Or something a grieving mother is bound to say?