When I first read this, I absentmindedly looked across at Jenny, you know, as it could be deemed a Music News story. Then guffawing started... Pete Doherty hasn't really been Music News since 2007. In fact, he's not even been Celebrity Gossip for approximately a year. Yet here he is, still dribbling himself in and out of court. The thing is, this time, he actually got sent daaaahn for summink.

Doherty has been jailed for six months today after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine. According to Breakingnews.ie, the now 32-year-old, "who was due to be playing Glasgow Barrowland tonight, was arrested in January last year by police investigating the suspected overdose death of heiress Robyn Whitehead. The controversial singer, of Camden High Street, north London, has twice been jailed before and has repeatedly admitted possession of class A substances."

Digital Spy continues with: "Doherty was previously granted unconditional bail but warned that he faced a third jail sentence due to his 'unattractive' criminal record. Sentencing him at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Judge David Radford said: 'From what I have heard and what I have read there is no doubt that you are a talented and successful musician. However, you have an appalling record of committed offences of the kind for which you fall to be sentenced today'."

Apparently there's "more to follow."

In more uplifting news (and in some handy PR for Woody Allen's new movie Midnight in Paris), Marion Cotillard had a baby boy last night, who will answer to the name Marcel for the rest of his days.