Betwixt stringent training for the London marathon… Pete Doherty is finding time to expose his ex-girlfriend. According to The Sunday People: "The singer is reportedly negotiating a €69,300 deal with a British channel to make a programme about his relationship with the supermodel." A source told the paper: "He has promised it will be a no-holds barred chat. Producers are hoping he'll let them use a lot of film he and Kate shot on camcorders. Some of it is really raunchy stuff Kate believed would never be seen by anyone else. She'll be furious and feel massively betrayed. There could be a big legal battle over it." The source said as he rubbed his hands together with glee while jigging slightly. Can someone please take into account that Kate has a small child that could be traumatised by these events... Pity Kate didn't think of this before she let some junkie tape her.