In fairness, getting a tattoo nowadays isn't what it once so maybe getting not one - but two - of your current partner isn't such a big deal.

That being said, if you've only being dating said partner for a couple of weeks, then it's the sort of thing where you have to question their impulse control. So it goes to that SNL alum Pete Davidson went out and got himself two tattoos of his current squeeze, pop singer Ariana Grande.


We had a good night.

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Davidson had Grande's initials tattooed on his thumb and a pair of bunny ears above a mask - taken from her 'Dangerous Woman' album cover - behind his ear. The tattoos were posted on Instagram by artist London Reese, who did both of them for Davidson.

The comedian recently split with his girlfriend of two years, fellow comedian Cazzie David (daughter of Larry 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' David), whilst Grande had done the same way with fellow musician Mac Miller. The new couple recently made things serious, as far it goes in that world anyway, by sharing a few snaps of themselves on Instagram - one of which included them cosplaying as Hogwarts students.

Right so.