Remember when GaGa donned a dress ensemble made entirely of lifelessly limp Kermit dee Frawgs? She looked like a macabre Christmas tree, which Shrek might welcome into his home. Well, as it turns out, this display of muppetry has garnered the respect of PETA - probably because she said at the time "I really loved this one because I thought it was a commentary on not wearing fur, because I hate fur and don't wear fur." Because she doesn't like fur, you see.

Now PETA have asked GaGa to strip naked (like it takes much) for a campaign. They obviously haven't spared a thought for the beaver she clearly tortures on a daily basis.

Here are some sbaps of Lady GaGa in Tokyo looking comparatively normal. If you deem attatching a red woolly mammoth, trumpeting trunk aloft, to your head for a TV interview comparatively normal. She has a sense of humour though; she even brought along a set of Kermit's eyes to give her scornful evils in the background.