The world's most successful celebrity blogger (the brasher, more American, definitely more upbeat, gayer, and quite possibly skinnier version of me, if you will) felt turning 31 was cause for celebration (mine was spent largely under a duvet), so he invited along some choice individuals to his bash in L.A's Viper Room on Saturday night. And by "choice" I mean the direct source of most celebrity bloggers' scorn. We see rehab did wonders for you, Steve-O. Oh, and nice to see yourself and what'shisface from The Hills managed to get over the trauma of being embroiled in a Miami club brawl (some Swedish DJ's bouncer didn't take kindly to Paris approaching the DJ booth to repeatedly request Madonna).

It wasn't just reality show fodder in attendance, however, a few people with careers based on actual talent (who mysteriously avoided WENN's photographer) turned up also - Christina Aguilera sang him happy birthday (Marilyn Monroe styleee), while PR Insider says: "The blogger received champagne from Zac Efron and a signed guitar from the Jonas Brothers, who raced to his 31st party from the Kids' Choice Awards, where they were named Favourite Music Group."

Here is the guest list in full: "Amanda Bynes, Ashley Tisdale, Aubrey O'Day, Brittany Snow, Brittney Gastineau, Christina Aguilera, Cisco Adler, Dean and Dan Caten, Diane Warren, Doug Reinhardt, Dr. Luke, Emmy Rossum, Ferras, Heidi Montag, Jamie King, Jeppe, Jessica Stroup, Jonas Brothers, Kim Kardashian, Lacey Schwimmer, Meghan McCain, Meiko, Paris Hilton, Pia Glenn, Robin Antin, Ross Mathews, Salman Rushdie, Schwayze, Spencer Pratt, Steve-O and Tara Reid... What an eclectic group of people, huh?????"

"Eclectic" indeed given the surprise presence of Salman Rushdie... WTF?!