Internet gossip blogger Perez Hilton has claimed that he necked rocker John Mayer at a New Years Eve party earlier this year. The flamboyant rumor spewer told In Touch Magazine "There was chemistry between John and I. He sang in my ear. It turned me on. John said, 'I'm going to outdo Perez tonight', and kissed me for five minutes." Before adding "I would definitely take a lie detector test and challenge him to take one, too, if he denies it." Well he’s hardly gonna come out and start high fiving his buddies shouting "I got to first base with a Hilton" now is he!? Unsurprisingly a representative for Mayer commented with "This is completely ridiculous." It’s quite the scary rambling from Hilton though; he reminds me of Robin Williams in One Hour Photo, but made over by a colorblind drag queen - a John Mayer themed photo montage on the wall would not surprise me.