Not a big fan of using emojis in your texts and messages? Then you're probably not having any sex at all, according to one scientist anyway.

Recent research done for by Rutgers University biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher shows that there's a correlation between how often you use emojis, and how much magic is happening in your bedroom.

The results of the survey showed that 54% of singles who use emojis had sex last year, while 31% did not. Those who did have sex and used emojis also had sex more often than their non-emoji-using counterparts.There was even a chart that showed that both men and women had more success in the love department when emojis were used, which is here below for your perusal. 

Via AV Club

Apart from that, the findings of the study showed that the correlation between emojis and gettin' it on were true across all ages between people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, so if in doubt, add more emoji.

The research also went even more in-depth by looking at the types of emoji used, and it seems that women who use "kiss-related emojis" had an easier time reaching orgasm with a familiar partner.

What that proves...well we don't know, but speaking about the results, Dr. Fisher pointed out that the use of emojis allowed the users to express their emotions using a form of technology that “absolutely jeopardizes” the ability to speak about your feelings, and it also makes it easier to avoid any weird misunderstandings because texts can come across with unintended meanings. Where the subtleties of language fail you, you can turn to the cat with the heart eyes, the eggplant and the wine glass, and your partner should know that you're in the mood...or something. 

The only advice we can offer you is to steer clear of the smiling poo emoji in a sexually charged message, things can go wrong real fast that way. Real fast.

Via AV Club