If you're wondering why they had to be warned against that in the first place, there's a good reason.

A Facebook event set up before Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida invited people to fire off guns in the direction of the hurricane as a means of A) stress relief, and B) the possibility that the force of the bullet might make it turn around. Or something.

The event, funnily enough, managed to attract 27,000 people as attendees with a further 54.000 people marking themselves as interested.

Of course, its creators Ryon Edwards and Zeke Murphy are being sarcastic and set the event up as such, but it's generated enough interest that the sheriff of Pasco County has issued a warning to Floridians not to discharge their guns in the direction of Hurricane Irma.

Let's face it, Americans voted for a man with literally no political experience or qualifications whatsoever to be their leader, so the idea of them trying to stop a hurricane with bullets doesn't sound all that outlandish either.


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