If you have an iPhone or Mac, you've definitely tried to make Siri curse in the past.

And when you've cursed at her, you know that she gives the best impression of a 'disappointed mum' by saying stuff like 'I'd never speak to you that way', etc. (Don't deny it – we've all done it.)

However, iPhone users have finally discovered a sneaky way to get Siri to utilise her potty mouth – and it couldn't be easier.

By simply asking her to define 'mother', she responds with 'As a noun it, means 'A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. Do you want to hear the next one?'. By replying 'Yes', Siri then says 'As a noun, it means 'short for motherfucker'.

There is a catch, though: we've tried it ourselves and it seems that it may only work for those in the US - perhaps because of the dictionary they use. For us, Siri just lists numerous definitions of mother and they're all clean. Boo to you, Siri.

Still, our inner 12-year-olds find it nevertheless amusing to see it in action, as you can below: