It's one of those things we thought basically everyone knew, but apparently not.

What with the death of Cuba's Fidel Castro, a surprising amount of people took to Twitter to express surprise at just how much he resembles one of Ballymena's most famous sons.

To be fair, it's more noticeable when Neeson has a beard ala Clash of the Titans or The Grey.




Of course, Neeson has never played Castro on screen. In Steven Soderbergh's biopic of Che Guevera, Castro was played by Demian Bechir and by Jack Palace in the 1969 biopic.

Still, it's entirely possible we might see one put into production pretty soon. We know from The Dark Knight Rises that Josh Pence looks pretty much like Liam Neeson as a young man, so get him to play Castro at a young age and Neeson in his later years.

Director wise, you'd want Jose Padilha to take it on. His directing and work on Netflix's Narcos was just fantastic and it really captured a sense of vitality and authenticity to South America. 

There, you just got our thirty-second elevator pitch for a Fidel Castro biopic with Liam Neeson. Get Greg Kinnear to play JFK as well.