As Colin Firth turned 57 last Sunday and is soon due to star in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, appreciation is currently (and deservedly) circulating for the darling, handsome British thespian.

The silver fox is well-known for various films including The King’s Speech, Love Actually, A Single Man, and the timeless classic Bridget Jones’ Diary. But before wowing us on the big screen, he won our hearts as Mr Darcy in the beloved BBC mini-series Pride & Prejudice.

The series was shot 22 years ago and was the production that first shot the actor to fame but following an article published on Buzzfeed, people are now discovering an even earlier credit of his called Another Country, his first movie role. The film came out ten years before Pride & Prejudice and he looks utterly divine in it. Just look at those pictures and gifs.







Personally we love Colin just the way he is (see what we did there?) but let us know which Colin you prefer and what's your favourite role of his in the comments.