The internet is absolutely living for Louis Theroux's a remixed version of the 'Chicken Shop Date' rendition of a rap he did in a 'Weird Weekends' episode. Yes, that is a real sentence.

'Chicken Shop Date' host Amelia Dimoldenberg encourages Theroux "I know you can rap" encouraging him to go on and stare her down, deadpan while reciting his 'Weird Weekends' rap that goes, "riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it". But it's true — you really have to see it.

The rap has become a new beast online, with an auto-tuned remix doing the rounds while people add their own quirky dance moves.

Even some celebs are getting in on the trend.

We've even dug up the original rap from 20 years ago.

We think the new version has a little more sparkle. Don't you?