Sean Penn should just be done with it, hoist his wife Robin aloft and start doing the Hokey Cokey with her limp body. 

Penn is, undoubtedly, one of the finest actors of his generation. He's also a stellar activist. However, his current actions are that of a spoilt child. Let's recap. Robin finds Sean in bed with two random Russian blondes. They file for separation. They take each other back. Sean wins an Oscar for his outstanding performance in Milk and fails to make even the slightest reference to his emotional wife, who's sitting right in the front row. Then Sean is rumoured to be fiddling with a load of fillies, the latest of which was (allegedly) Natalie Portman, behind a curtain at a party. Sean decides to file for a separation (again), and has now requested that said separation be dismissed. Why? Because Sean saw his beautiful Pwincess Buttahcup kicking up her heels in Cannes, with nary a tear to be seen.

According to The New York Post: "Robin (who is part of the Cannes jury this year) spent the week walking red carpets, flirting with Quentin Tarantino, chatting up Brad Pitt, and, our source said, 'partying every night - but particularly enjoying herself at the Art of Elysium/Cartier party at Soho House, clearly having the best time without Sean. He's just jealous'".

It'd be super if she told him where to go, but we don't know the back story. Maybe she gets off on the uncertainty of him being as fickle as your average 4-year-old.