A new initiative is underway in the University of East Anglia to get students to conserve water in the grossest way imaginable.

More than 15,000 UK students have been implored to relieve themselves during their morning shower in an effort to conserve water. The campaign, imaginatively titled 'Go With The Flow', is being led by students Chris Dobson and Debs Torr who say that the concept could "save enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 26 times."

Dobson elaborates: "We've done the maths, and this project stands to have a phenomenal impact.

"Imagine how big an impact it could have if we could get everyone in East Anglia, or even the UK, to change their morning habits."

In spite of its potential benefits, Dobson claims he does see how people would be turned off by his radical concept, adding that his campaign has been "really divisive". And we can see why, to be honest - but Dobson dismisses any potential health concerns.

"As long as the water is flowing there is no hygiene risk", he says. "Urine is sterile but we would encourage that every person using the same shower consents to the challenge and if not that they don't take part."

Still though, as gross as this seems, it could be a good way to save a few bob now that these water charges are underway. The downside is that we might not be able to look each other in the eye anymore.

(Via BBC)