Is Peaches Geldof stalking off after having a few photographs taken worthy front page fodder? Is it a talking point 'cause a London darling was in our humble country? Her sullen features grace two tabloids today as the 19-year-old allegedly got the hump at some event or other at Dundrum's House of Frasier yesterday.

She was being paid €5k by the shop to play a DJ set (AKA put on a premixed CD or, at best, fiddle with some CDJ buttons) at a fashion show they were hosting. Part of the deal meant she was to take part in a photo call. Peaches agreed to the above, but only if attending photographers waited until she was ready to pose. Being paps, they started clicking away while she was on her way to the stage and this was the reportedly crux of the issue. Her PR went mental and Peaches "just stood with a big huff on her face and her arms folded for about 15 seconds before elbowing her way through to the crowd and legging it to the lift. She was meant to DJ but she made a dramatic exit long before that was due to happen."

Before she legged it, she was heard mumbling to her publicist "They'll think I'm a diva", which is particularly striking. Leaving aside that the term 'diva' is generally reserved for those with some degree of talent - why would she care? Divas don't care. This leads me to believe this was a win/win publicity stunt of marginal proportions. OK, so Peaches is now, more than ever, deemed an upstart, but how much work did she have to do? Bugger all. Is the House of Frasier mentioned in most of today's press? It is. Would it have garnered nearly as much if she'd posed happily and banged out some tunes? Hmmmm, not sure... probably not. Will Ryan Tubridy be rubbing his mitts with glee at the prospect of interviewing her tomorrow night? Absolutely. Viewers will perceive him to be an interviewing god if he manages to get two words out of her. And her large fee will ensure that he will.

Peaches' rep has since released a statement saying: "The paparazzi took advantage of the situation. Peaches felt intimidated. She arrived on time, in her own clothes, but was asked to wear House of Fraser clothes from the store. That why the photocall was missed. There just appears to be a mix-up in communications about the event somewhere."

Let me get this right; Peaches Geldof - who has pappers outside her home constantly, gets followed to the shops by them, not to mention public parks when she tries to take a drunken pee during the night - felt intimidated by photographers in an controlled environment, while she was walking to a stage. Riiiiiiight.